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How We are Unique?

     At Shantivan patients are under supervision of a psychiatrist all the time. We provide Clinical care of hightest standard and not just housing. It is managed and supervised by Dr Vishal Indla and Dr I.R.S Reddy who are pioneers in the filed of psychiatry  both from indias premier institute for psychiatry - NIMHANS



We beleive in achivieing high standards when it comes to : 



  1. Enthusiasm and commitment of staff
  2. Practice of setting concrete and specific goals with the patients.
  3. Administrative support and priority given to rehabilitation.
  4. 360 Degree care given by team of experts including doctors, rehab psychologists,clinical psychologists, yoga trainers, vocational trainers, occupational therapists and physical trainers.
  5. Comprehensive Nature of services
  6. Networks established with other service providers.
  7. Continuity of care
  8. Use of skill training and supportive interventions
  9. Assertive out reach of crisis services