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About Indlas Shantivan

Indla"s Shantivan is established with the sole purpose of providing a wide range of psycho-social rehabilitation services for patients suffering from various psychiatric illnesses and substance use disorders (drug addiction). Psychiatric illnesses often have a long convalescence period making the prolonged stay at multi- speciality hospital unaffordable. Increasing burden of psychiatric illnesses including addiction problems in community at an alarming rate coupled with patients" reluctance for prolonged hospitalization, high cost of treatment made us realize that the Bio-Psycho-social model of health cannot be practiced at hospitals. Lack of infrastructure and well trained paramedical staff poses another significant problem in management of such chronic diseases. Currently, there is severe deficit of rehabilitation centers providing all the necessary facilities for such patients under one roof. Thus the idea of Shantivan was born. keeping this in mind, we endeavored to build a welcoming set-up, a home away from home, with independent infrastructure to help patients attain remission, stay stable, prevent future institutionalization and be functional members of the society and achieve a better quality of life. Indla"s Shantivan, a residential facility, aims at providing after-care and rehabilitation services within a structured environment with the help of specialized Mental health experts.

Located amidst lush green and peaceful surroundings in nature"s lap, the centre provides accommodation for around 120 individuals. Built in a sprawling 2 acres mango garden in the serene environs of Nunna, about 18 kilometers from Vijayawada Railway station and 27 kms from Vijayawada Airport, away from the hustle-bustle of the city, the set up comprises of separate wards for Males and Females and offers specialty services for all psychological disorders and drug addiction. Be it addiction to alcohol and drugs or Major mental illnesses like Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Personality disorder, OCD, Depression, Intellectual Disability Disorder (Mental Retardation), Autism Spectrum Disorders, we have tailor made programs to suit the individual needs. We provide patient centered short term or long term rehabilitation, De-addiction or Recovery oriented interventions as per the felt need.

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals help family and patient understand and choose the type of intervention that would be most beneficial. The main objective of this center is to take care of the needs of chronic mentally ill patients, drug addicts and their families. This center aims to reduce the burden of caring on the patients" caretakers with chronic mental illness and drug addicts at affordable costs. The center also aims to help patients get back to their normal lives after their stay in the serene and caring environment provided by the expert staff and the peaceful environment.